Is diagnosed with & # 39; comecarne & # 39; bacteria through sexual contact

a done managed to surprise the medical staff of a hospital in the UK when they discovered a disturbing discovery disease from sexual transfer, in a woman of young age.

According to local media such as Lancashire, the rare disease is known as Donovanosis Inguinal granuloma and ulcers "Meat-eater" in the area of ​​the genitals of the woman mentioned above.

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The condition was caused by an opportunistic bacterium that could have been transmitted through sexual contact, when one of its partners was infected and when there was contact with the gastric ulcer, even with the latent microorganism.

It is a very rare and unpleasant condition and it may be one of the first times that it has been registered in the UK. The bacterium that causes the disease, known as "klebsiella granulomatis", infects the skin around the genital organs, the groin or the anal area and causes injury and skin breakdown if the meat is consumed effectively, he said. half Shamir Patel, pharmacist.

Photo: AFP

An expert in the paper explains that the possibilities were fight the disease depended on the patient who a therapy with antibioticsbut with the risk of a recurrence between weeks 6 and 8, after the treatment.

It is important that medicines are given as soon as possible because of the bacteria It could "rot" the flesh around the genitals and, in addition, this disease increases the risk of HIV transmission.

According to Actualidad RT, the condition is common in India, Papua New Guinea, the Caribbean, central Australia and southern Africa. Therefore, cases have been observed in the United Kingdom and the United States of patients who had had sex unprotected at those sites.

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