Know how many hours a day you have to sleep to help your heart

A survey from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center presented in the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology He said that sleeping between 6 and 8 hours a day is best for the heart.

"Our findings suggest that too much or too little sleep can be bad for the heart. More research is needed to explain exactly why, but we do know that sleep affects biological processes such as glucose metabolism, blood pressure and inflammation, which have an impact on cardiovascular health"revealed the Greek doctor Epameinondas Fountas, from said surgery center through a statement.

The work of the Greek considers the information of 11 previous studies, including a sample of 1 million adults analyzed. Fountas compared the data of three groups: one that slept six hours a night; a second group whose night's sleep was more than 8 hours; and a third group whose sleeping hours are between six and eight layers.

The results of the study

The study showed that those who slept less than six hours had an 11% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease or strokes. The hazards also grew to 33% among those who rested for more than eight hours.

According to the study, it is best to sleep between six and eight hours. "The good news is that there are many ways to take the habit to sleep for, say, six to eight hours a night. lie and get up every day at the same time, avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine before you go to bed", concluded Fountas.

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