Minsal is of the opinion that new cases of HIV will exceed the high figures for 2017 this year

the Ministry of Health estimates that new cases of HIV detected during this year could exceed the high figures for 2017 (6,361) and are more than 7,000.

3.849 cases have already been confirmed between January and June in the Institute of Public Health (ISP), everything within the framework of the rapid test application strategies that the World Health Organization (WHO), reports the newspaper The third.

The use of this kind of examinations can reflect an increase in the numbers and because the Minsal already do so the number of cases in 2017 will be "on the low side" of 7,000 cases.

As he explained LT Carlos Beltrán, adviser to the Ministry for HIV issues, "if more people take the test, we will certainly have more cases"Although he appreciated that this kind of action" unmasks the situation ".

Meanwhile, Alejandro Afani, immunologist and director of the HIV center of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, the newspaper explained that In three months, 3,102 tests were carried out, 40 of which had a positive result – confirmed by the ISP.

"The global trend in new cases is down, but in Chile is increasing. For example, Argentina had 5,300 new cases in 2017, but they have our population three times, "Afani said.

Survey: up to three sexual partners in last year

A voluntary survey could be answered with the application of the rapid test in the clinical hospital of the University of Chile. It is worked out with its results a study on sexual behavior.

In it, the newspaper explains, that is reflected 64.8 percent of the population had never had the test; 70 percent had three sexual partners in the past year and 18 percent never used a condom.

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