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Travelers are traveling all year round, but now the national holidays are approaching, probably the reason for the high demand for the yellow fever vaccine in our country. A disease that is not present in Chile but in Latin American countries as touristy enough Brazil, Colombia,Peru and Ecuador.

Last summer, warnings were reported after reports of an increase in the number of cases of the disease in Latin America. The fact caused long lines in the competent vaccines of the country. Hundreds of people even slept on the edge of this area awaiting a number that would give them access to the vaccine and mainly travel to Brazil, because in this nation the greatest outbreaks were caused by the presence of the mosquito: Aedes aegypti, also responsible for Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.

The summer season passed, but there are still They want – or have to – travel to countries that need or suggest vaccination.


But what is currently happening with the availability of vaccines?

In #24Data we communicate with the different vaccinations that are allowed for the medication. The current price of the vaccination varies from 30 thousand and 55 thousand pesosdepending on the location. The problem is that there is currently no supply of vaccines in the country, except for a vaccination in Santiago.

At the beginning of August the Institute of Public Health approved an import of 10,000 doses "Stamaril", which were distributed by the laboratory that delivers the vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur S.A. These were sold out within a few weeks, even in some places they only lasted 72 hours.

The laboratory, in turn, reported # 24 data -by telephone contact- that about 3,000,000 doses arrive in the country in the first week of September to be evaluated by the ISP, and then the last week of the same month that many 15,000 vaccines will be enter. Lake.

What is the role of the ISP?


According to the current regulations for pharmaceutical products, every organic product that is produced or imported into the country must be checked before being distributed and used by the population, called Series Control.

"This supervision is carried out by the ISP on each batch of these products – vaccines, blood products, antibiotics, hormones, among others – which consists of an assessment of the background and quality controls performed by the manufacturer on these products, as well as carrying out critical tests, safety and strength in our facilities when possible, "detailed to # 24Data.

And in the case of MINSAL?

the Vaccination of yellow fever is not part of a public policy of the Ministry of Healthbecause the vector is not typical of our country, but is outside the territory, except on Easter Island, where the preventive vaccination campaign was, for the climatic features of the place.

That's why does not exist in the vaccination schedule the availability of the vaccine against yellow fever. The distribution goes directly from the analysis of the ISP to a private who supplies the medicine to international vaccines.

On 5 May, the State Secretary for Health, Paula Daza, announced the measure that included the purchase of 5000 doses, which began to be administered from the week of the 10th of that month in Rapa Nui.


Who is recommended vaccination?

Vaccination against yellow fever attempts to prevent the spread of the disease and protects countries against the risk of import or spread of the virus.

The countries that require vaccination certificates are those countries where the disease is manifest or not and where both the vector and non-human primate hosts are present.

Some countries need a vaccination certificate for all travelers, others do not.

The general recommendation according to the WHO is "all travelers aged 9 months and over traveling to areas where there are indications of persistent or periodic transmission of the yellow fever virus".

This because "a small proportion of infected patients have severe symptoms and about half of these die within a period of 7 to 10 days. "

The international organization has an updated list of 16 February 2017, which describes the latest vaccination requirements for yellow fever and that you can assess IN THIS LINK.

Check below the list of approved laboratories and the availability of the vaccine:


  • San José Clinic, located at Calle Juan Noé 1370, +58 2593000. exhaustedalthough there is a chance that it will come in mid-September. There is no waiting list.


  • Inmuinin is located in Manuel Antonio Matta 1868, +558854282. exhaustedalthough there are chances that it will arrive in September.
  • Megasalud medical and dental center, Located at 251 Sweden Street, +228879870. exhaustedalthough it might arrive mid-September or in October.
  • Sanymed Salid Center Located on Calle Coquimbo 712, +558494193. exhaustedalthough it might arrive mid-September.


  • Vaccination Nursing assistant association E.I.R.L., Cobija 2188, +942206595. exhausted.
  • Aidoret Caro Health Center, Located in Calle Cobija, +552346945. We could not reach this center by telephone.


  • Vaccine clinic Medical Center RedSalud Iquique, Calle Ramírez 1162, +572393200. Exhausted.


  • CEDIMED health center, Located on Calle Salas 173, +522294000. exhaustedalthough there are chances that it will arrive in November and December.


  • Vacunatorio internacional Imnunysan, Avenida Colón 2020, +32 212 7359. exhaustedalthough there are chances that it will arrive at the end of August. There is no waiting list.
  • Asomel Medical Center. 322.217.194. exhaustedalthough there is a chance that it will come in mid-September. There is no waiting list.

Metropolitan Region


  • Mutual de Seguridad, Central Station +562 2779 4778. exhausted according to webpage.
  • Clinical hospital of the University of Chile, Independencia, telephone +562 2978 8822. exhaustedalthough it might arrive. They recommend to check the website regularly.
  • Military Medical Center Rosa O & # 39; Higgins Riquelme, Las Condes. +562 2432 9071. exhaustedalthough I could arrive and recommend to call. There is no waiting list.
  • Las Condes Clinic, Estoril 450, telephone +562 2610 8000. available, recommend to send e-mail to [email protected] with name, routine, place and date of the trip.
  • University of Los Andes Hospital, Av Plaza 2501, telephone +562 2618 3000. exhausted, have no estimated date of arrival. There is no waiting list.
  • Clinica Tabancura – RedSalud Vitacura. +562 2395 4382. Exhausted.
  • Vacunatorio Internacional de Providencia BioSalud, telephone +562 2341 6873. exhaustedalthough there are possibilities for the first week of September. They make a waiting list when the doses arrive.
  • FaCh Hospital. exhaustedalthough there are possibilities to apply new doses at the end of September or the beginning of October. There is no waiting list.
  • Darvax Salud de La Reina, telephone +562 9252 6980. exhaustedalthough there are chances that it will arrive in September.
  • Clinic UC San Carlos de Apoquindo 2 2754 87 00. exhausted, no estimated date for new doses.
  • Santa Maria La Dehesa Medical Center, telephone +562 2347 2736. exhausted, advice to write an e-mail to [email protected]
  • German clinic, La Dehesa. +562 2310 7850. exhausted and no estimated date of arrival of new doses.
  • Indisa Clinic, Providencia, telephone +562 2795 5801. exhausted, advise to call the central table regularly to check availability.
  • Santa María Clinic, Providencia, telephone +562 2461 3510. exhaustedThey recommend to call regularly to check availability.
  • Servicios BioSalud Limitada, Providencia, telephone +562 2341 6873. exhaustedalthough there are chances that it will arrive in September.
  • Vacunatorio Marcoleta de la PUC, Santiago. +562 2354 3534. exhaustedaccording to to web page.
  • Vaccination Alto Tabancura, telephones 2 2371 9062, 2 2248 2064. exhaustedalthough it could arrive in the first week of September. There is no waiting list.
  • Clínica Alemana, telephone +562 2210 1200. exhausted, no estimated date of arrival of new doses.



  • FUSAT Clinical Hospital, located at Carretera El Cobre 1002, telephone 7 2220 5300. exhaustedalthough new doses might arrive in September.


  • Vaccination Noemí Pérez, Yungay Street 475, telephone 7 5231 8474. exhausted, advise to call to check availability. There is no waiting list.


  • Cordillera Medical Center, 10 Oriente 1361 (2 and 3 Norte), telephone 71 2210353 – Cell: +569 9222 5403. exhausted and no replacement date. They recommend calling and signing up for a waiting list that can be contacted when the drug arrives, which does not mean that a reservation needs to be made.


  • RedSalud Medical Center, Avenida Libertad 431, telephone 4 2221 5585. exhausted, there is no replacement date.
  • Chillán Clinic, Pedro Aguirre Cerda 35, telephone 4 2243 3000. exhaustedit could arrive in September.


  • Vaccination Israel, Calle Salas 548. + (56) 9 6596 2570. exhausted, it is possible that new doses will arrive in the last week of August.
  • Kiñewen Ltda., street Ongolmo 174, telephone 4 1222 7979. exhausted, can be from the first week of September, although they recommend calling from Tuesday 28th.

Los Angeles

  • RedSalud Medical Center, Lautaro 615, telephone 4 3231 1338. exhausted no replacement date. You have to call.


  • Temuco German clinicSenator Estebanez 645, telephone 4 5220 1201.exhausted and no replacement date.


  • RedSalud Medical Center, Avenida Alemania 475, telephone 6 3220 0750. exhausted and no replacement date.
  • German clinic of Valdivia, Beauchef 765, telephone 6 3224 6183. exhausted, although there are possibilities for new doses to arrive in the last week of August.



  • Vacunatorio Rosalía Muñoz, Aníbal Pinto 308, telephone 6 5262 3096. exhausted and no replacement date.


  • German clinic of Osorno, Avenida Zenteno 1530, telephone number 6 4245 4000. exhausted, although they could arrive the first week of September. They advise to call.

Puerto Montt

  • RedSalud Medical Center, street Rengifo 412, telephone 6 5228 6160. exhausted, although there are opportunities for new doses that arrive in September.
  • Professional Nursing Care Center, street Urmeneta 790, telephone 6 5228 9054. exhausted and no replacement date.
  • University clinic, Avenida Bellavista 123, telephone number 6 5220 9800. exhausted and no replacement date.

Puerto Varas

  • Austral Vaccination, avenue San Ignacio 971, telephone 6 5223 1067. exhausted and no replacement date.
  • Clinic of Puerto Varas, Otto Bader 810, telephone 6 5233 3380. Exhausted.


  • Vaccination Private Carol Fabiola Valenzuela Bahamondes, Bilbao 449. +6 7258 3126. exhaustedalthough there is a chance of new doses arriving at the end of August.

Punta Arenas

  • Clinic RedSalud Magallanes, Bulnes Avenue 01448. 600 718 6000. exhausted, although there are possibilities that new doses will arrive at the end of September.
  • RedSalud Magallanes Medical Center, avenue Pedro Montt 890, telephone 6 1224 1110. exhausted, although there are opportunities for new doses that arrive in September.



This memorandum has been prepared with updated information and in direct consultation with the ISP and the Minsal. In addition, a telephone survey was conducted on each of the vaccinations mentioned.


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