Portfolios of Agriculture and Public Health sign agreement for prevention and control of HIV – national

© Agency One Portfolios of Agriculture and Public Health sign an agreement for the prevention and control of HIV AIDS

Undersecretaries Paula Daza and Alfonso Vargas pointed out that these strategies will provide information about rural workers as seasonal workers and those working in the agricultural sector.

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The State Secretary for Public Health, Paula Dazaand the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Alfonso Vargas, signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday on the occasion of the National program for the prevention and control of HIV / AIDS and infections of Sexual transfer (ITS).

According to the Ministry of Health, this agreement had been tried in previous years without receiving dividends. After the success of the project, Dr. Daza that on "Fortunately, we have done a very good cross-sectoral work, as President Sebastián Piñera has asked us, we support all public HIV policies as a ministry of public health, strengthen strategies for prevention, promotion and education in all services, and the HIV network and to strengthen early diagnosis. "

From the ministry they emphasize that these strategies will generate information for civil servants and users of the agricultural portfolio, as seasonal workers and agricultural workers. "In this way we will be able to better manage HIV AIDS, especially with young people in the Chilean countryside", Undersecretary Vargas clarified.

In this way we will continue to share educational materials, communication channels, training and training in the promotion of safe sex and HIV / AIDS and STI prevention, in addition to the implementation of monitoring methodologies to see the progress of these strategies, in addition to other activities. .

In this respect, the State Secretary for Public Health added "The prognosis of the disease is very different if it is an early diagnosis, therefore it is important to establish these programs together with the Ministry of Agriculture and to work together."


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