Scientists find the most effective method to remove abdominal fat

The irritating accumulation of fat in the abdomen It has generated dozens of forms and diets to fight it, but most of them appear to be fraudulent. Given this, a new scientific study claims the best method to prevent and reduce the extra fat in the abdomen.

According to the research, a healthy diet for the heart with high fiber content and low in saturated fat It is most effective against abdominal obesity.

The article was published in the magazine & # 39; Health & Fitness by ACSM and in agreement with the lead author, Kari D. Pilolla & # 39; although the larger bodies and the waistlines are normalized in society, the Health consequences can not be denied".

"A larger waist increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolism symptoms," he added.

For Pilolla there is no "magical" diet or "miraculous" diet that gives real results to remove belly fat, although it is effective combine diet with exercise.

Pillola advises to consume products rich in fiber such as grains and legumes, plus non-fat meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and a low level of dairy products.

According to a study recently published by researchers at the University of California, high-fat diets produce an enzyme that blocks leptin, a protein that informs the brain when they have to stop eating, which directly leads to obesity.

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