Study warns that repeated use of diclofenac increases the risk of a heart attack

a study made by researchers from University Hospital of Aarhus, Denmark, and which was published this week in the British Medical Journal, makes one called alert about the use of diclofenac, since would increase the risk of a heart attack by 50%both cardiac or cerebrovascular.

One was taken into account for the study group of 6.3 million adults, in which it was discovered that the drug not only increased the risk of infarction, but also of gastrointestinal bleeding compared to other analgesics.

the diclofenac It is a very frequent non-steroidal drug and what is mainly used as anti-inflammatory, in front of treat fever or toothache and even for it alleviate menstrual cramps.

"It is time to recognize the potential health risk of diclofenac and reduce its use", said the scientists who were responsible for the research.

They added that the drug should not be free of sales "and when it is prescribed, it must be accompanied by a warning on the front of the box that warns of possible risks".

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