Take twice the time before you remove carbohydrates from your diet

The moderate consumption of carbohydrates prefers a life healthier and longevity, according to a study published in the British magazine The Lancet. The research, led by Saraheidmann, specialist in cardiovascular medicine, from Brigham and Women & # 39; s Hospital (United States), revealed that Diets that replace carbohydrates with proteins or fats they should be avoided because of their possible link with "shorter life cycles".

"Eat carbs moderation It seems to be optimal for health and to have a longer life, "experts said.

The study has also emphasized that the replacement of this type of food by beef, lamb, pork, chicken or cheese is related to higher mortality rates, while a diet rich in vegetable proteins (such as vegetables, legumes or nuts) reduces the risk of mortality.

"Low-carbohydrate nutrition, which replaces them with proteins or fats, is gaining popularity as a healthy way to lose weight," says Seidelmann. "However, our data suggest that these can be associated with a shorter life and should not be recommended, "added the researcher.

However, the specialist in cardiovascular medicine clarifies that "if a person decides to start a diet with these characteristics, it should in any case contain more vegetable proteins that promote healthy aging."

What the data reflected

The authors analyzed the Dietary habits of 15,428 adults from 45 to 64 years of diverse socio-economic origin and from four American communities. During a 25-year follow-up, 6,283 of the participants died.

The experts observed a link between low intake of carbohydrates and life expectancy. They observed a low life expectancy for those who diets with low carbohydrates (less than 40% of calories) or high (more than 70%), and high for those who chose moderate consumption (between 50 and 55% of calories) .

Similarly, the researchers estimate that from the age of 50, the average life expectancy it was another 33 years for the group with a moderate intake of carbohydrates – four years more than those with a very low carbohydrate consumption and a year longer than those with a high consumption.

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