The hospital Clínico de Magallanes performed the first days of cardiac surgery

This one
week was held for the first time in the Magallanes Clinical Hospital
(HCM) the training days for cardiac surgery, activity
led by the only perfusionist nurse in the region, Gerardo
Vargas Díaz, from the perfusion unit, belonging to the subdirectorate
from HCM Nursing, and that included the exposure of different
medical specialties linked to cardiovascular operations.

day was aimed at technicians and professionals of the services
clinics linked to heart operations: blood bank, kinesiology,
medicine, surgery, imaging, who attended this activity
The purpose of updating protocols for preparation and care items
operations of cardio-operated patients and can thus guarantee
dissemination of these in all clinical services, in addition to the adaptation to
the local reality.

"This one
applies to anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in an operation
cardiac events, either in the pre- or postoperative period. We have given ourselves
taking into account the fact that these cases allow us to share experiences and
development of the issue of protocols to the
information and receive the suggestion of officers who work in
the different services that work with cardio-operated patients ",
remarked the perfusionist nurse, Gerardo Vargas.

her part, HCM Deputy Director of Nursing, Karen Antiquera, marked
the initiative of the conference, emphasizing that the HCM works on time
complete the only perfusionist nurse from Magallanes. "The
importance is given because every time an operation is performed
heart in our hospital is the perfusionist nurse who
maintains the extra body circulation of the patient. Gerardo Vargas is
specialized for more than a year and is exclusively dedicated to
caring for patients, before, during and after the
cardiovascular operations, "he said.

HCM Cardio-Surgical program began at the end of 2011, the year in which
performed the first two heart operations in the region. To date
143 operations of this type have been carried out, a milestone in the
history of cardiovascular operations with high complexity in the
Southern extreme macro zone.

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