They find new & # 39; micro-organ & # 39; in the human body

This is an important step for science to understand how you can make better vaccines in the future

Australian researchers found a new micro-organ & # 39; in the human body that participates in the functioning of the immune system. This finding can help medical professionals produce better vaccines in the future.

This was discovered by scientists at the Garvan Medical Research Institute, which was published in the journal Nature Communications

The researchers were able to find the exact place where the immune system remembers previous infections and vaccines, as well as the place where the immune cells gather to fight infections that the human organism had previously seen.

Initially, this thin, flat structure, technically known as subcapsular proliferative foci (SPF), was found in lymph nodes of the immune system of mice. The main feature of this & # 39; micro-organ & # 39; is that it is only visible when the body is prepared to fight against an infection that the immune system has previously fought and defeated.

"When you fight bacteria that can double in number every 20 or 30 minutes, every moment counts, if your immune system takes too long to collect tools to fight an infection, it will die," said Professor Tri Phan, author of the research.

"That's why vaccines are so important Vaccination trains the immune system so it can quickly produce antibodies when the infection reappears So far we did not know how and where this process happened," said Tri Phan.

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