They fought cancer together when they were boys and they married 25 years later: "I was afraid of …"

An incredible story about love and overcoming. They survived cancer together in their youth. They fell in love and now they are married after 25 years.

It was 14 years ago that Lindsey Wilkerson and Joel Alsup met for the last time. They met again at the hospital where they performed their treatments together cancer. At that time she had been diagnosed with leukemia. He went through one cancer of bones. His second home was the St. Judes Medical Center in Memphis, USA.

Lindsey acknowledged: "I remember that I was in love." "She was cute, but I was very shy and I was afraid to talk to her," Joel confessed in an article from the New York Times.

She is married and has two children after defeating the cancer. But both eventually worked in the hospital that saved their lives. Contains boys who undergo the same treatment as they. "Joel and I give those patients the love and care they gave us at their age."

In the midst of the stressful work they do, the camaraderie was turned into friendship and friendship in love. In 2015, after she was divorced, he declared himself. "I love you," he said without a doubt. And she reacted with the same sentence.

They married a few days ago, two years later – or 25? – that everything has started. "Remember that I liked it first," Lindsey says with a laugh. "So the ball was on his field all this time."

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