Twelve hundred and thirty-two kidney transplants find the Hospital del Salvador national

Nine thousand and thirty-two kidney transplants reached Hospital del Salvador, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first intervention of this kind in charge of the doctors Emilio Roessler and Fernando Hidalgowho, during a night in 1968, commented on the details of this historical and unpublished implantation in a patient.

In his text "Milestones of the kidney transplant of the Salvador hospital", Notes Dr. Emilio Reussler that"the tender was carried out in the pavilions of the institute before the amazing gaze of the staff that saw something new, unusual and dramatic: the aseptic adaptation of a cadaver, which did not make much sense at the time. On our part, emotion and tension made us forget about fatigue and we started collecting the team: Dr. Luis Cabrera, who left indelible traces in national anaesthesiology, doctors Juan Reyes, Johannes Wilckens, prisoner Patricio Quijada and Carmen Salbach it was the arsenalera. "

"It was necessary move the kidney of neurosurgery to the urology pavilions and had to walk the long corridor that was dark at that moment and was in bad condition. The resulting organ was usable and we took it in a Marmicoc pot stolen from the house of one of us, on ice and covered with a compress in the hands of a paramedic, "says Dr. Reussler.

"On entering that dark wolf mouth that was the hallway, I was terrified when I realized that if the person stumbled and fell with the kidney, we would have lost the organ. I decided that if the organ would fall, it would fall. I took the pot and took over the transfer. Fortunately everything went well, "he added.

The protagonist of this story was a 17-year-old boy who received the first transplant that was performed at the Hospital del Salvador, a sublime moment that took place on the 20th day of the intervention. Unfortunately, the patient died three months later as a result of opportunistic infections.

Currently the Dr. Ximena Rocca, Head of Transplants Hospital del Salvador, said "it is very nice to participate in this celebration, it is something historical from the point of view of logistics, how difficult it has been to set up such an activity and that requires so many variables in the public system to be combined. The Hospital del Salvador has a very distinct service orientation and therefore we remember this intervention.

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