Two kindergartens in the region suspended activities due to outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus – Diario Aysén

This is due to detected cases of VRS in the garden of Rayito de Sol in Chile Chico and Bambin Gesu in Puerto Aysén.

During the day of Friday and Monday, a stoppage of their activities will be the kindergarten of two establishments in the region, this as a result of the outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus VRS, which has increased in the municipalities of Aysén and Chile Chico, on these the seremi of Health, Alejandra Valdebenito, informed the Diario de Aysén that: "We have repeatedly said that August and September are a fundamental month for us in terms of the increase of the epidemiological curve due to respiratory viruses, in this case sincicial is the one with the highest circulation., as the trend has been in recent years, "said Health Seremi, adding that:" We are not out of expectations, but in the light of the possibility that the outbreaks can be shot, that's why As public health we take measures and one of them is the closure of establishments where children are involved, such as kindergartens, they are children younger than two The year we worry more because they are the ones who have generated the largest number of hospital admissions, "said the health authority.

On Thursday, the Bambin Gesu garden and nursery was closed in Puerto Aysén, with the aim of carrying out a process of disinfection and disinfection of the facility and thereby generating a curtain to prevent the transmission of the virus, the same action was carried out in the Garden Infant Rayito de Sol, from Chile Chico, which should be operational on Monday 27 August.

To date and in comparison with 2017 the cases have decreased and so far no serious events have been reported. In this line, Alejandra Valdebenito added: "This year we are better prepared, as there is an apprenticeship from previous years, therefore the preventive measures and the mitigation measures are much stricter and one of them is the closure of the facilities".


The health seremi have also told the community that: "I insist on the triad" Cough, phlegm, fever, "every child with these symptoms, we advise parents, mothers or guardians not to go to the institution. And on the other hand, from the eyes of the established order, if there is an aunt who sees that there is a child with this symptomatology, immediately notify their parents and of course they attend the SAPU or Urgent service, depending on the place where they are, "commanded Alejandra. Valdebenito.

So far, there have already been six cases in the city of Chico, three of which have already been dismissed, the same situation at the hospital in Puerto Aysén.

So far, only one case has been registered in the regional capital, which depends on respiratory therapy, in the intensive care unit of the regional Coyhaique hospital.

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