Undersecretary of Health after cholera outbreak: "It is not an epidemic or causes a high mortality"

The Department of Health reported Friday morning about an outbreak of cholera in the Metropolitan Region and said it does not cause high mortality.

The State Secretary for Health, Paula Daza, clarified that 13 cases have not been reported toxicogenically and that 7 of them have been found positive. He added that the origin of the disease is still unknown, because there is no unified source of causality.

"This non-toxigenic cholera means that it is not an epidemic and that it is not the serious cholera that causes high mortality, but due to the increase in cases we have had in the last two months and the period concentration, we call on the population to take measures to prevent gastrointestinal infections. "

Daza said that it is mainly digestive tables that have been "consulted in various offices and services (health) with gastrointestinal symptoms, some of which have been admitted to the hospital, but have all evolved in a favorable way."

The undersecretary confirmed that all cases of affected people correspond to adults. "The average is over 50 and there are a few adults over the age of 79 who belong to those who have needed hospitalization."

"They do not live in the same municipality, there is no common source, they are people who come from different municipalities and that is why we have not yet found a unified source of causality," he said.

Finally, the authority judged that this bacterium "is contaminated by the consumption of food and water, not from person to person", so he called for caution with washing fruit and cooking food.

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