"We know that increasing detection increases the number of HIV cases"

this year, the Ministry of Health estimates new cases of HIV
could exceed the 2017 figures (6,361) and be more than 7 thousand cases. A
at national level, in the first half of the year – January to June – they have already done so
confirmed 3,849 cases in the Institute for Public Health, in the context of
the strategies for applying the rapid tests that the

According to
says the newspaper La Tercera, the application of this kind of exams
can show an increase in the numbers and since the progress of Minsal
that the number of cases of 2017 will be "due to the low measure" of 7,000 cases.

Magellan, the health authority develops actions framed in the
Program for prevention and control of HIV / AIDS and STIs of the Ministry
of Health, to increase behavioral changes
individual and social programs that reduce both the transmission of HIV,
sexually transmitted diseases and discrimination against people
in a situation of vulnerability.

Magellan, in 2017 there was a percentage of 30.6 cases reported by
every 100,000 inhabitants, with 51 cases in the region. Until March of this
years, 20 cases of HIV have been reported.


Health Seremi, Mariela Rojas, indicated that she didcesita
start detection of HIV cases, "we know that by increasing the
screening will increase the number of cases of HIV, but we have to state
in treatment for those people. For this it is the distribution campaigns
we do that every year. "

In the context of the previous comments, Rojas added that "this year
diffusion has increased because we know that it has increased in Chile
the rate at national level, therefore we always emphasize promotion
activity and safe sexual behavior, when using condoms and
prevention measures, "he said.

Vulnerable population

the above conditions, the health authority stated that the
The most vulnerable population is between 15 and 29 years old, therefore
To date, 1,656 condoms have been delivered to the five centers
distribution allowed by the Seremi de Salud.


The training was in 2017or
up to 65 students of health professionals throughout the region
promoting sexual health and HIV testing
targeted populations. In this way we work together with the
institutions for higher education for the training of monitors
HIV / AIDS prevention.

Jesus Nieves

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