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Losing weight does not have to be a nightmare. Many people feel frustrated because they do not have the results they expect quickly, but first you must think that everything is a matter of patience and time, but especially of commitment. If you feel that you are doing everything you can to lose weight and still fail, I will give you some guidance on what may happen in your body and even in your lifestyle:

  • You do too much cardio (and not enough strength training): Cardio exercise is ideal for burning fat, but in itself it is not enough. Weight training (of course) helps you build muscle, and therefore fat decreases as you increase muscle mass because you burn calories. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn, even if you are not active.
  • You do not sleep enough: We are all guilty of this; With the current rhythm of life that we decided to adopt, the dream has passed into the background and is even seen as a luxury, but it is not only essential to have energy, but also to make the body function fully.
  • You do not eat enough fat: That's right, even if you do not believe it, good fats are essential for the heart; fats in foods such as salmon, nuts, eggs and avocado & # 39; s increase the energy and tell the body to burn stored fat as fuel. That is why it is also important to go with an expert in nutrition to give you a balanced and adequate diet for your body mass and daily calorie burning.

  • Your alcohol consumption is high: If you take care of the whole week for the whole week, but on the weekend your alcohol consumption is high, then you sabotage your goal to lose weight. While your body focuses on the rapid processing of alcohol, your metabolism can not work efficiently on other foods that you have eaten all day. Therefore, by not quickly processing fats and carbohydrates, these will be converted into fat and stored in your body.
  • "I can eat what I want, because I move": WRONG! It is a general belief that by using it, it is acceptable to eat more. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many people are "rewarded" with food because they have practiced intensively for an hour or get up early to run, but if you increase your caloric intake, there will be no improvement in the body and you will recover what you have burned.
  • You do not eat enough: This may sound strange, but in reality, if you do not eat enough or suddenly stop eating, the body will effectively become in a state of hunger and cling to the fat that remains in your body for fear of survival.
  • Do not drink enough water: Water is best for hydration and weight loss. Even if you drink a glass before eating, it can help you not to eat too much. The recommended daily intake of liquids is 1.6 liters for women and 2 liters for men.
  • You are a fan of fad diets: Fad diets are terrible for weight loss. Although you can fall off in the beginning, you do not really change your eating habits or lifestyle, and too strict diets such as the famous "detox" or juices can rebound, so it is best to avoid them and learn to eat everything without to demonize any food.
  • You live stressed: If a high level of stress is a part of your life, it can really affect your weight loss. Stress causes the production of cortisol and too much of this substance can disrupt testosterone, the hormone responsible for building and maintaining muscles. A reduction in muscle mass leads to a reduction in metabolism and a slower burning of the calories.

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