Woman was 28 years old with an embedded contact lens

There is a strange medical case spread around the world: a British woman was found with a contact lens embedded in her eyelid. And worst of all was that the device was in its system for 28 years.

According to slogan BMJ Case Reports – a platform that systematizes medical cases – the finding was made after the 42-year-old woman came to the hospital for a swelling on the left eyelid. The doctors then performed an MRI, finding a small cyst of about six millimeters in diameter which forced the doctors to operate.

During the operation, the doctors removed the cyst, finding a contact lens which – according to the doctors' final report – was "extremely fragile in the extraction. management. "

According to Time, the woman said that had never used contact lenses and had no idea where the object could come from. In a questionnaire with the doctors, however, the mother of the woman remembered that her daughter wore contact lenses when she was a child.

She also remembered that at the age of fourteen got a slap in the eye while playing badminton . At that time he was wearing contact lenses, but thought he had lost weight at the time of the blow. Since then, I had decided not to use that type of eyewear anymore.

Therefore the woman never lost the lens and had it almost three decades in her body.

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