Young people train as guards about sexual health problems

This is an initiative led by the Seremi de Salud who trains leaders in the field of sex education, to pass on the acquired knowledge to their peers and to guide them in responsible sexual behavior and the promotion of self-citizenship.
Coyhaique. – Thirty young people belonging to the Adolescent Health Advisory Council of Coyhaique were trained as responsible monitors for sexual health, including HIV / AIDS and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and want to replicate what they have learned in their educational institutions and organizations of which they are part.
"As a government, we want to generate all agencies to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS, so we want to train youth leaders in schools and in lyceums, who are promoters of sexual health in adolescents, in such a way & # 39 One way that they guide their peers towards behaviors of responsible sexuality and, of course, have the knowledge to do so, so we have done this training that has done a very good call and participation of young people and adolescents, "said Alejandra Valdebenito, Seremi de Salud Aysén.
Young people are expected to include knowledge about sexuality issues from a historical and global perspective, to raise awareness and to be able to guide their peers over the network of health care and to recognize risk behavior, and to create spaces for debate and discussion. to generate, in addition to other specific objectives.
"One is here It gives an explanation of the lack of knowledge of STDs, of sexuality and education, because it is a taboo and it is not a topic that touches a lot in companies, so replicating this is very important because you learn new things and there are never others, "says Paula Iribarra, a student at Colegio Alianza Austral.
Estefanía Díaz, from the Liceo Josefina Aguirre, added: "For me it is a very important experience, because I can save the subjects that I am learning and also to friends, colleagues & # 39; s and family members can give ". Felipe Soto, of the Pedro Quintana Mansilla School and one of the youngest of the group, said it is "very important for these agencies because you learn a lot."
The goal is to train leaders in sexual health problems to increase coverage in this part of the population and to encourage the participation of young people. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health is about to launch a new HIV / AIDS prevention campaign at national level.

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