18 days after becoming a region

Expectation and fear. These are the two feelings that the residents of the 21 municipalities expect on Thursday 6 September from midnight to stop being part of the Biobio region to give life to what the new Ñuble region will be, located in the same area that saw the main characters from the history of Chile, such as Bernardo O & # 39; Higgins, Arturo Prat and Nicanor Parra.

The same sense of identity was the fact that for decades Nunez had the feeling of being independent. And although the creation of the new territorial division was established in the Gazette on September 5, 2017, its implementation was planned a year later. According to these authorities, all details would be aligned according to these deadlines, so that Ñuble would eventually become independent.

It was not an easy task. 90 public services had to be launched in all areas, implying that a cadastre of all buildings for rent in Chillán – a community that will act as provincial capital – designates authorities and modifies a large number of formalities that continued to identify that territory as the "Province of Ñuble."

Less than 20 days after his official inauguration, presidential deputy Martin Arrau said: "we can announce that we have the addresses of the 90 services that will be installed, some of which are already operating systems, others, in the process of habilitation such as painting and drawing, to be fully operational on September 6. "

From the President's delegation explained that of the 90 governing bodies that the region will have, only 47 are completely new, because the remaining 43 were already present in the area, such as Carabineros, the National Tourism Service (Sernatur), Fonasa and the Labor Directorate.

The situations that have to be regularized since the delegation went from defining the allocation of public jobs and the transfer of the regional government from the Biobio to Ñuble, the definition of the budget to managing the updating of maps and study books for the appearance of the new territorial demarcation.

What will continue to be discussed after that date with the definition of a regional development strategy to determine which areas will be given priority.
"For example the embalm project e Punilla, starts the construction of the hospital in Chillán and promotes the project along the coastal route, where we are already dedicated to the construction of the bridge that crosses the Itata River to two very touristy areas to unite: Cobquecura and Dichato, "Arrau explained. 19659002] Tourism is another productive area in the area. Improving it in attractions such as the Termas de Chillán and Quillón is another option that is being considered.

Of course, for the presidential deputy, the greatest complexity of this process is "that society adopts the status of a region, empowering the guilds, to the productive sectors, to show the potential we have." of everyone to put Ñuble on the national map, and to achieve this, each of the neighbors must define and empower themselves. "


Coihueco is the most extensive municipality that will integrate the new region, and the most important region Productive activity is agriculture. According to the Mayor, Carlos Chandía, there are positive feelings among the neighbors: "We are very pleased that this dream is coming true, and knowing that we will have our independence and that this will enable us to achieve greater performance is a historical step. "

In the municipality of Bulnes, the future capital of the province of Diguillín, the feeling is comparable. The mayor, Jorge Hidalgo, says that this project has had a transversal support, so that the political positions of the 21 municipalities that will integrate the region have been transferred.

"We have always been the backyard of the Biobío and today the hope is focused on having more development and progress." We hope that historical problems in the area, such as the small connectivity between the municipalities at provincial level and the lack of drinking water in the countryside, "Hidalgo predicted.

The definition of "the backyard of Biobío" is one of the issues that remain alert to his couple Chillán Viejo, Felipe Aylwin. The mayor confirms that, despite the fact that citizens are happy with the change, their full autonomy as a region will only be given a year later, when all municipal projects are assessed by the new regional government of Ñuble and not by Biobío. 19659002] "I think we will get a notorious custody, which will not allow us to make progress in concrete projects," said the mayor. He also assured that of the 350 projects presented by inclusive municipalities, less than half were assessed.

But in practice, from next Thursday 6 September, the posters with the caption "Welcome to the region" are the Ñuble "those who will receive visitors to the area.

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