At Deum evangelical in Traiguén calls for peace in La Araucanía nationally

In Traiguén, a Te Dee evangelical, organized by the Regional Council of Shepherds of La Araucanía, where in addition to starting the activities of September, was asked for peace in the area.

The ceremony was held in the Pentecostal Methodist Church of Traiguén, where prayers "for the family, the region and the country".

With regard to prayers with a regional character, the predecessors showed them support for the actions developed by the government to "achieve peace" in the area.

Moreover, they argued that, Despite the devastation of some temples in rural areas, they are violent acts that have nothing to do with the Mapuche people.

the Minister of Social Development and coordinator of the Impulso Araucanía program, Alfredo Moreno, was present at the meeting and pleaded for the union.

"This region does not deserve to be the poorest in Chile, which has more delays and lives less in an environment of violence," he said.

Senator Carmen Gloria Aravena was also present and appreciated the separation what the religious did about the violence in connection with the Mapuche population.

"We should change the name of this & # 39; Mapuche conflict," he said, indicating that it is a conflict in La Araucanía, to remove the stigma.

With regard to the plan "Impulso Araucanía" the minister has not given a date, but he has clarified that it will be President Piñera who will do the announcement exactly.

Carlos Martínez | RBB
Carlos Martínez | RBB

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