Cau Cau Bridge will lift its arms this Sunday

After 10 days of operation on a temporary basis, this Sunday will be the raising of the arms of the Cau Cau bridge, in the city of Valdivia, to allow the passage of a boat that is located in the Asenav shipyards on the banks of Calle Calle.

In this way it stops the passage of light vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists through the viaduct.

The measure falls within the plan of the Ministry of Public Works to enable transit on the bridge and, if necessary, to facilitate the flow of vessels.

The regional government reported that the maneuvers to raise the Cau Cau signs will start at 08:00 and the passage on the structure will be suspended during five o'clock, about.

Instead, there will be police surveillance and coordination with the navy to protect safety during this process, according to the mayor of Los Ríos, César Asenjo.

"It is in the hands of the MOP, that is the technical authority that corresponds to it, coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and the Chilean Navy, in parallel we have the support of Carabineros and we hope that the opening will be as short as possible. but before we work from a technical and security point of view via the MOP, "he explained.

The mayor insisted They strive that "this operation runs as quickly as possible. Strictly speaking, it should not take longer than six hours after having the traffic court ".

On his turn Carabineros will have preventive services in the streets that arrive at the bridge to inform drivers about the paralysis of traffic.

"The arms of the Cau Cau bridge will be opened between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The operational deployment will be installed in Avenida España and in the street street of Los Lingues, for the return of both sectors, from Las Ánimas the staff of Isla Teja will be installing, "said the Lieutenant Colonel, Mauricio Arenas

Specifically, the suspension is set between 07:00 and 15:00, but the authorities do not exclude that the traffic is switched on before the scheduled time.

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