Chile We blame Bachelet after the negative results of the Casen: "That's the big legacy!"

"Stagnating poverty Increased inequality – that's the big legacy!" The policy of the NM led by President Bachelet made the Chileans even worse, "said Senator Manuel José Ossandón (RN) via his Twitter account.

His words alluded to the results of the research married, who made himself known this morning. In the measurement, there was a decline in poverty, but a worsening of the income distribution.

From Chile, Vamos pointed out the series of changes that the previous administration had made. Thus Senator Andrés Allamand (RN) indicated through the same social network that it "Reforms that promised to put an end to inequality have only helped to increase it, while the gradual fall of multidimensional poverty stagnates for the first time. That is the legacy of the new majority! It is urgent to continue to reactivate the economy! "

For its part, Senator Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI) wrote: "Failure of Bachelet Although poverty declined, the Casen survey showed that the distribution of revenues had deteriorated in recent years, and Bachelet's poor reforms ultimately led to the poor and middle class hurt. "

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