College of Nurses: "We hope to meet with Minister Santelices in the coming hours"

This Tuesday, the national strike of warning was announced by the College of Nurses, which had a high appeal throughout the country. In response, the Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, decided to adhere to Opinion No. 13,728 of the Office of the Comptroller-General of the Republic that declared Rule 21 of 2010 illegal.

Through a statement, the trade union appreciated the decision of the Ministry of Health and said they expected to meet with Santelices in the coming hours to know the extent of the announced measure.

"We reiterate our willingness to dialogue to find the solution to this conflict as soon as possible, to find the best ways to apply the practice of annulling rule 21 and the implementation of the advice and to focus on the substantive health problems in Chile benefits from users, patients and people of our country, "the statement says.

"Given the gravitation of nursing in the health system, it is vital to participate in the health agenda that, among other things, says with a possible update of the Health Code, the National Health Agreement, especially with regard to the proposal known as FONASA PLUS and also in those aspects related to the exercise of the profession in the right working and material conditions that provide chances, quality and safety in the health care for Chileans, "she added.

The march that took place in Santiago was attended by thousands of nurses, nursing students and teachers of the race.

"We are proud of our colleagues who have enthusiastically joined the fight for public health and the defense of citizens who deserve safe and quality care in the context of respect for the rule of law," they said.

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