Confrontation and adjustment of accounts taint Independence Day

Worrying acts of violence mobilized police personnel on the night of Monday, September 17 in the Coquimbo region, one ended with a 15-year-old man who died in the Las Compañías sector and another 19-year-old man injured with five gunshot wounds in Tierras Blancas. .

After taking note of the confusing incidents that occurred during the fiestas of Fiestas Patrias, Carabineros informed El Día that it will strengthen the vigilance in the conflict areas to prevent this kind of situation.

In this connection, the commander of Carabineros de Coquimbo, Gianni Barnato, said that "special emphasis will be placed on the sectors where the events took place", thereby strengthening the surveillance rounds in the city.

52 Accidents to date are included on this Independence Day, 19 less than in 2017

Regarding the struggle between the two gangs that ended the life of the child in The Companies, Barnato explained that "these solve their problems with violence." We would like to be present all the time to avoid situations like this, but we are taking not always to arrive on time ".

The murder department of the investigative police is responsible for clarifying the events that put an end to the life of the youth identified with the initials Y.J.C.A.

According to the background that has been discussed so far, the child would have been hit by a bullet that was not aimed at him.

Subprefect Cristian Lobos Lara, head of the Homicide Brigade in La Serena, said the young man had been injured after a pending subject with a shotgun approached the group in which Y.J.C.A. in the street Freirina with Uruguay in Las Compañías.

The head of the BH stated that they are conducting all procedures to clarify how the events took place, "because now we are still looking for the perpetrator of the crime, which we have already identified," said Lobos.

Hanging problems

The head of the murder department said that two people had come to the place that night, one of them shot in the direction of the group, apparently because of previous quarrels with one of the people present in the place. 39;

After the fact, the alleged perpetrator would have fled, "while he lived near the scene of the incident, a group of individuals left in the direction of his house causing some damage to the uniform", said the head of the Brigade. of murders.

Confusing incident in Coquimbo

On the other hand, after 8 pm in the Tierras Blancas sector, a Sergeant of the Gendarmerie, who would have worked as Uber, refuted an attack by shooting the subject that tried five times to steal his belongings.

The subject of 19 years was influenced in the right leg and in both arms was transferred to the hospital San Pablo de Coquimbo.

From the medical center they reported that the subject was being operated and the life risk has disappeared.

Disaster plan for the last days of Independence Day

The head of the 4th Carabineros Zone of Coquimbo, Rolando Casanueva, told El Día that the institution will continue with the emergency plan prepared to face the celebrations in the region.

"Since Friday we have a special commitment throughout the region with more than 700 officials, we know that La Pampilla de Coquimbo will do the auction on Saturday, so the contingent that comes from reinforcement from Santiago will remain in the area until Sunday, "said Casanueva.

The head of the IV Carabineros Zone indicated that for the remaining days of celebration the quota will be held at the places needed.

In the same line, Casanueva explained that once Pampilla Quebrada del Jardín is completed, some of the officials return to their units and another will support the staff present in La Pampilla de Coquimbo.

Up to Monday, September 17, 44,500 vehicles were taken to the region on the occasion of Fiestas Patrias, according to General Rolando Casanueva.

On 20 September the police institution will make an initial assessment together with the regional government, while the official analysis will be carried out as soon as all festivities have ended, on Saturday 22.

Regarding traffic accidents recorded in the region on this Independence Day, Casanueva explained that 52 have been compared to 71 in 2017 so far.

Finally, General Rolando Casanueva concluded that once the Ramadas has ended, a deeper analysis can be made, but that this has been rather positive & # 39; has been.

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