Create 9 "potentially dangerous" dog breeds

The sub-secretariat for regional development (Subdere) has published one of the regulations in the law of responsible pet ownership, known as the "Cholito Act", in which 9 breeds of "potentially dangerous" dogs are established.

According to La Tercera these are: Rottweiler, Doberman, Pitbull, Dogo Argentino, Bullmastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Presa Canario, Mallorquín Dam and Tosa Inu.

Moreover, it was found that dogs that are not of these breeds, but have a large development of the muscle mass of the body and their masticatory muscles, are considered dangerous. Also those who have caused injuries of various consideration or death to a person, or pets that show two or more records of bites to people in the register of biting animals of the Ministry of Health.

With regard to the obligations of the owners of this type of dogs, it was determined that they must be over 18 years of age, must transport the animal in public areas with a muzzle, harness and mail in accordance with its size.

They must also have safe fences to prevent the dog from escaping from his home. The dog must also participate in a "obedience training" course and the owner must talk at least once about responsible pet ownership.

After the publication of this regulation, people have a period of 180 days to register their pets that were previously chipped into the National Pet Registry. The procedure can be carried out in the relevant municipality or on the website

The deadline for executing the process ends on 22 February 2019 and if this is not done, the fines vary from 1 to 30 UTM.

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