Cristian Precht denies that he has committed sexual abuse: "I do not know Mr. Concha" – national

© Agency One Cristian Precht denies that he has committed sexual abuse:

The now ex-priest has made a public statement in which he notes that he has lived "very painful days". Tvn


After being "resigned from his ecclesiastical state" by decision of Pope Francis, the former priest Cristian Precht He referred to his situation and accused him of sexual abuse.

Through a statement, the former member of the Church denied the accusations against him, even insure not to know Jaime Conchawho claims to be one of his victims.

He also said that he lived "very painful days" and thanked the people who believe and support him at the moment.

View the full statement here:

"I share this statement on very painful days for me. A decree from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith determines that I "resigned from the ecclesiastical state". This fact disturbs the meaning of my life, which has been expressed in activities of the priestly ministry in more than five decades, hard.

I hope to continue to make a contribution to society, such as in the Church, a service to life, reconciliation and solidarity, calling each Christian and every citizen, without losing the hope that I will reverse the penalty imposed on me.

On the other hand I feel compelled to deny the accusations made by Mr Jaime Concha in various media. He says, among other things, that he was sexually abused by me, in a sacramental confession, when he studied at a Marist College.

That is not true. I do not know Mr. Concha. In any case I confirm under oath that I have never failed to sanctify this great sacrament.

I will continue to cooperate with the judiciary, as I have always done, and I am confident that it will establish the truth of the facts.

I appreciate the countless expressions of support from people who believe in my word".


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