DC is not under pressure for Luis Castillo: his stay in the government is a "hostile act"

The National Council of the Christian Democrats confirmed that the party will not give a postponement to the State Secretary for aid networks, Luis Castillo. The political vote approved by the falangist body reported to the government on Monday that its relationship "will be limited to formal and institutional bodies, especially in the parliamentary committees of Congress".

In his statement, the National Council accuses the doctor of "adopting an ethically reprehensible attitude" and says that his stay is not only "a hostile act" for the DC and the Frei family, but for all victims of violations of the HR.

In passing, he urged his militants to "continue with the public actions of rejection that have already been carried out at different levels," as they did this morning when a group of Christian Democratic youth militants installed a gigantic billboard on the orphan bridge, on the Central Highway. , a neuralgic point of the capital, with the legend "Justice for Frei, outside Castillo".

"With regard to the crime of President Frei Montalva, we want to insist on our rejection of the presidential decree to install, now and in a high public function, a person who had useful information about the circumstances in 2000. of the death of President Frei Montalva, data that neither the complainants nor the judge had access to, and knowing that his family asked for co-operation, he estimated the case, for whatever reasons, to keep this information confidential.We know that the country understands and shares our decision to break a political relationship with an official who has adopted an ethically objectionable attitude on this issue, "the statement said.

The National Council DC recalls that the case of President Eduardo Frei Montalva "arrives at a crucial moment" and Judge Alejandro Madrid "after many years of patient investigation and overcoming obstacles, threats, lack of cooperation from institutions that should have done so. and multiple delays of defense, finally it is in circumstances to dictate the penalty ".

In this context, the Falangist authority also condemns the judicial strategy of the defense of the doctor Pedro Valdivia Soto, one of those accused of murdering in the Frei Montalva case, of appealing to the Constitutional Court.

"It seeks to obtain a suspension of criminal proceedings, suspension that may take more than a year depending on what the TC costs to fail on substance." We reject this last slowing maneuver, contrary to what happened to the victims of the dictatorship, the accused in the Frei case have had ample opportunities and will continue to have them defend their defense and defense, "he said.

In this regard, they argue that "we will continue to insist that the courts of justice will condemn all those involved not only in the murder of Frei Montalva, but also in the crimes of thousands of Chileans and Chileans, and we demand the end of the peace pacts of those who authors, accomplices and accessories were for the crimes of the civil-military dictatorship, and in the same way we express our firm commitment so that the convicts effectively carry out their sentences under the conditions set by the international human rights system in accordance with international treaties. "

He also dedicates a paragraph to Mauricio Rojas and notes that "the views of the volatile minister of cultures, for no other reason, have warned us that there are still people who, by asking contexts or looking for ties, relativisation of crimes against human rights. "However, he notes that" the frequent farewell of Mr. Andrés Aylwin, to whom we pay tribute, confirms at least that there is a large national majority committed to justice. "

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