DD.HH. win the battle for history

The memory museum exists because the right, together with the armed forces and supported by the CIA, was given the task of killing and disappearing thousands of Chileans.

They started a bloodbath that lasted for many years. They are responsible for the history that remains for future generations what happened under the military dictatorship. the museum collects and will unleash the military crime for years. He will always be present, so that the next generations will never forget how many people were murdered and abused, to maintain a more just project of life, as simple as the efforts of those thousand days.

The law will never recognize that murder was the goal, to overthrow the popular government's reason of class and to burn La Moneda a message so that we forget our effort and the work and struggle of previous steps. The law will not do it because of that characteristic of class, of its sector, what they represent, the cowardice that sustains them and will always hinder them.

We have nothing to thank the armed forces. They do not reach the height to defend the territory inhabited by Chileans of various origins. The bombing of La Moneda is not a victory, it is a long list of uniforms delivered and financed by the payment coins of the CIA and the Pentagon.

Piñera and his acolytes have lost this battle

the resounding fall of the convert and the former Mauricio Rojas, who was fortunate enough to enjoy a golden weekend as Minister of Culture, left a trace of opinions and profiles behind, that since that time remained dormant with the establishment of blood and fire dictatorship. The landowners of Pinochetism came out again to break spears in defense of the longest and most criminal period that the history of Chile remembers.

Not all the rain of the south …

No defense possible and it will never be historical to find a justification for the military coup. The insistence of the armed forces / UDI / RN / PASSIVES and the indisputable / abundant documentation, where it becomes clear that the foreign interference that the army is turning into traitors of the country is sufficient for a convicted trial, this fight will be fair and worthy of winning, the truth, the tireless won the war, the riot and crime that have no room in our history.

The words of Piñera and her spokeswoman Pérez when she condemns the violations of human rights are not credible. and that is not because he celebrated the military coup during a champagne party. They knew the profile of two of their protagonists, Mauricio Rojas and Ampuero are converted slaves of their words and nobody has the right to insult the memory of so many people.

UDI / RN are the spokespersons of the crime that lives Punta Peuco, their accomplices. They insist on insulting the Museum of Memory. A fitting exclamation, sectarian and that not all victims cry the RN Overflows, the poisonous / president of the UDI who NEVER visited it, writes against the left. It should be known that the defense of the Memory of those years also includes a relative of the UDI Joaquín Lavín.

The Piñeirana right, heir of the Pinochet, shouts that the context of the thousands of murders and tortures must be explained, his attempts to insist that the left is responsible for the political crisis that the normal course of a democratically elected process changed. Not so, nothing can justify the madness unleashed with fiscal burden.

They are not our partners responsible for anything, nothing

They are attacked, abused, beaten, thrown into the sea, who are shot, there is no other explanation. The army shot Joan Alsina without trial on the Bulnes bridge and Liendo there in the south, among many. Possibly the right in the Museum of Memory wants the armaments that the United States embassy has delivered and photos of the extreme right-wing killers who were angry with the life of General Schneider, trying to prevent President Allende from keeping to the result of the presidential election

Vocifera right that the defense of human rights on the left must be removed

What happened in Chile between 1973-1990, is the history of a complete country. From that side, the murderers, their class staff and the others missed the vast majority of their most basic rights. It is not the right to defend rights, everything in common, they are not interested, they are limited, they are restricted and they threaten to jeopardize the society, the democratic regime, the family, the tradition and the soul of the homeland . [19659002] The fall of his Minister of Culture is a battle won by the human rights movement, the world of draftsmen, actors, writers and painters, of everyone. Piñera was deprived of a pawn with a dark past, a cat that pulled chestnuts for the racist extreme right Sweden. A son who denies his tortured mother three times, something that looks like a transformer. We will be happy the day we meet you in a necrology.

It is clear that there are many new battles to defend the Remembrance, ours, what has been going on since the School of Santa María, Ranquil, La Coruña, They do not have their museums, but it is on the page & # 39; s and the process of history. From that past, the needs of the poor of the countryside and the city, the marginalized in an unambiguously violent country, without rights in the shadow of the dictatorship supported by their champions, are in force. So many years betrayed, misled to later witness the pacts and obscure agreements in parliament.

Soon the forty-five years of the military coup will be remembered and for those who have not lost the horizon, we will say that we were witnesses without any doubt of the second bravest achievement after independence, the nationalization of copper, when Chile earned a fair salary that took away the agreement.

We do not forget that the new majority did not close Punta Peuco

When in 1965 a brilliant generation of young people was born, she was given the task of giving birth to the MIR. In these batallo & # 39; s days for remembrance, our greetings to their families, the memory of their comrades in every corner of the country and the promise that they will never be alone to contribute to new brave and generous projects. We spend the miristas we miss every day, they are the miguitas of respect that make men worthy, as Benedetti sang.

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