Destroyed Las Condes city vehicle and persuaded women – national

© Twitter Municipal vehicle of Las Condes destroyed and ran over the woman

Despite the fact that the causes of the accident are still being investigated, it was reported that the victim is at a vital risk. Tvn


A dramatic accident was registered in the municipality of Las Condes during the afternoon of this Saturday, since a safety vehicle from Las Condes made one prosecutionwould have this lost control, turn on multiple times and affect a passerby in the street sector Tobalaba with Las Hortensias.

According to preliminary information, the vehicle traveled from north to south on Avenida Tobalaba, lost control, reversed several times and ended up in the parking lot of a leading supermarket. On that trip I would have run over a grown woman.

Although the causes of the accident have not been reported, because it is still for research purposes, yes it was confirmed that the victim of the event remains severe hospitalization and with diagnosis reserved at Las Condes Clinic.


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