Documents show that exsubcontralora did not perform two audits on Carabineros nationally

The Public Prosecution Service continues its investigation into the fraud in Carabineros and analyzes the why with special attention Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic It left a summary without effect in 2010, when the entity headed Ramiro Mendoza.

The procedure involved an investigation into the eclipse of more than $ 28,000 million within the police. In an instant the regional prosecutor of Magallanes, Eugenio Campos, discovered that authorities of the control office had covered the fraud, for which he cited the exsubcontralora. Dorothy Pérez and the controller Jorge Bermúdez.

The lawyer had revealed that in her declaration of interests your spouse is an officer of the Carabinieri, a helicopter pilot retired in 2016, but told the prosecutor: "I abstained from approving or signing audits, advice or offices regarding the Carabineros branch." Official documents deny their version.

Informa Ahora Ahora Noticias that Pérez enrolled pre-reports on the uniformed police. In 2010 she was vice-director of the division, of which the disciplinary control unit of the armed forces and the order troops was dependent. Assuming in 2017 there were four pending police audits and two were never carried out. One of them was directed against the prefecture, where her husband was deputy head of the helicopter department until 2014.

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