Fiesta & # 39; s Patrias XXL: alternate proposes holidays in the week of 18

The deputy of National Renewal Jorge Duran promotes the proposal to make a holiday on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 September. In such a way to add two days to a week that will be very short.

The 18th comes with a longer duration than usual, because, as the parliamentarian points out, "according to Article 35 of the Labor Code, every year in which the days 18 and 19 September fall like Tuesday and Wednesday, or as Wednesday and Thursday it is a holiday directly on Monday, the 17th or the Friday the 20th, as is the case, in this year, on Monday, the 17th, it will be a public holiday, leaving a working week of only two days, Thursday and Friday. "

Not content with that Durán points out that, because of how short that week will be, "Without any doubt, licensing and licensing will increase exponentially According to this and because it is the national holidays, I think it is relevant to examine the possibility that all Chileans have the full week."

"In this kind of short working week the country works halfway through a large number of privileged people make these periods an extra holiday week, only the poorest people or people with fewer resources are those who are forced to work, while executives and even some authorities of their the ability to make a long weekend a free week, "added Durán.

Finally, the deputy RN said that "after the debate when Chile has a lot of holidays, that the country loses a lot of money and accidents, among other arguments, the national holidays should be a date for everyone." Remember that Chileans, on average, annually spend almost a month of their lives on top of a vehicle that moves to work and returns to its home (3 hours per day calculation). "He concluded.

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