Fire in homes in Viña del Mar has left six victims – national

© Agency One Fire in homes in Viña del Mar has left six victims behind

The incident occurred in the Achupallas sector, particularly in the Manuel Bustos camp.

Sunday broke out in the sector of Achupallas in Viña del Mar, an emergency that would have left six people affected and the total loss of housing where the fire started.

It is a building of light material, which was completely consumed by the flames. According to antecedents of firefighters, the neighbors were aware of the situation when they noticed the smoke coming from the house, located in the Bellavista street of the Manuel Bustos camp.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene, where the second commander of fire, Gabriel Sanchez, confirmed the number of victims, including four adults and two minors.

A radio bio bio, the director of civil protection from the municipality of Viña del Mar, Jorge Cafena, said that once the emergency checked went to the ministry of social development, to investigate and manage the assistance that will be delivered to people who were damaged.

Under the help of the municipality, the supply of mattresses, blankets and food is being considered. As far as the supply of emergency housing is concerned, it is a possibility that is evaluated and, if necessary, delivered.


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