Gendarmes investigated for the murder of a young woman in the "Case Bombs"

Two gendarmes are being investigated for an alleged fight with a few prisoners in the prison Santiago 1, who would have terminated the life of Kevin Garrido Fernandez (21), sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment for the crimes of possession, possession and placement of explosive devices .

According to the medical report, the prisoner who served his sentence for the "case bombs" from 5 September died around 10:26 am on Friday. Previously, the dispute would have taken place, in which Garrido had signed the worst, wounded several times with a white weapon, in the area of ​​the abdomen and thorax.

At the age of 18 Kevin collected a big list: an explosion at the Gendarmerie School in 2015, where he was convicted as one of the main culprits and the placement of a bomb at the 12th Carabineros de San Miguel Police Station. the same year.

Predictive story. When he was captured, he was put into preventive detention in the High Security Prison and then transferred to Santiago 1, after several assignments and petitions from him and his defense.

Kevin decided on November 28, 2016 to write a manifesto that was published by websites such as CONTRAINFO.

There he told about the violent episodes he had to deal with behind the bars every day. "I write late at night, at least for me, that my eyes open at half past eight in the morning, from an uncomfortable sleep, to seeing the gray concrete and the large security doors. moment to write what I feel ", said one of the passages in which he expressed his regret.

His transfer to Santiago 1 unleashed the most disturbing revelations of the letter. In the rules he tells how the disputes between prisoners caused them to face the daily death.

"I have seen prisoners stabbing, burned with boiling water, I have seen the stairs calmly descending to a prisoner in the morning, while someone else throws a knife to his neck," was part of his rough description.

In addition, he added: "I have seen, and without being able to do anything, how prison guards beat until they are bored by another prisoner, pondering about him, because they have already gone through these situations.It is not fun to see that detainees killing each other, knowing that everyone is in the same prison situation, because it is not fun to have to go to a knife (because combo fights do not exist), because there are problems in the module and with 200 prisoners in the same garden. "

Despite the difficult situation he experienced as a trainee, Kevin maintained a challenging attitude.
"I will never erase the immediate blows of feet and fists to the police and their ugly face of cowardice, the days and nights with fire in the hands of authority," he said.

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