Harboe on the use of weapons in La Reina: it is a bad sign

Last Sunday, the La Reina municipality has signed an agreement with the Shooting Club from the same municipality, to train neighbors interested in it learn how to use their weapons properly registered.

This agreement consists of one 30% discount for those who register, in addition to the release of 10 free places for women.

This measure, adopted by the mayor José Manuel Palacios (UDI), caused various reactions in the political environment. Even the government, through the statements of the Minister of the Interior, has strongly rejected this initiative.

In conversation with T13 Night, the senator Felipe Harboe (PPD) referred to this subject and stated that "the topic of discussion is why a municipal authority, which plays a role in crime prevention, enters into an agreement with a shooting club", adding that it corresponds to a act "not legitimate" by a public authority.

"It is a bad signis to say that definitively can not contribute to the crime prevention process and support the police on the street, & # 39; said the senator.

Given the arguments of the Mayor of La Reina, who defended the initiative that pointed out that several residents of the municipality had weapons but did not know how to use them, Harboe stressed that this fact is a risk for the population because "(the weapons) are used against the victims in some robberies".

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