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The former Minister of Justice and current adviser of the CDE is accused of having changed the figures of children and young people who have died in Sename centers. Through a statement, the former minister defended himself by pointing out that during her administration "a historical effort was made to make all information transparent".

Thursday, August 23, 2018 17:21 o'clock

Javiera Blanco

The lawyer who is a member of the State Council of Defense and former Minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, came out to defend himself against the questions that indicate the manipulation of the figures of the deceased by Sename, when she became the owner. was from the portfolio of which depends on that organism.

Through a communiqué he stated that "During my administration, a historical effort was made to make the totality of the information of the children and adolescents who died in the Sename and those who were under their protection transparent and to inform the deceased's information. collect and died in the last 10 years, effort that had never been done in an administration before "

He pointed out in particular that Sename's answer refers to the totality of deceased and deceased people in Sename. At the same time, he stressed that the office of deputy René Saffirio "asked for the list of children and adolescents who died in centers managed by the national minors' office or private institutions financed by the state".

Despite the defense of Javiera Blanco, the court of deputies of National Renovation will ask President Sebastián Piñera to remove the position of the former minister in the National Defense Council.

This was explained by the deputy Leopoldo Pérez, who argues that the circumstances that Blanco placed in that position are questionable.

"Personally, I think that favors have been paid, because a person who exercised a position before his appointment was questioned, let's not forget that she was Minister of Justice, everything appeared in the Sename and everything is rewarded by her alderman of to appoint the Council to the defense of the state seems to me to be a nonsense and that is why we will try to see whether Mrs Blanco should be removed from the State Decree according to the current rules.

The Cecilia Pérez government spokesman described the events as serious and said she trusted the work under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service.

"If what they say is very serious (…), the state of Chile has a debt to children, especially the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable (…) therefore we believe that it is no longer part of the research that Public Prosecution Service is executing, we have no doubt that the Public Prosecution Service will take this background and investigate it. "

The state secretary added that "the political sectors that demand the resignation of ex-minister Javiera Blanco must seek the answer in. It is similar, not in the government," he added, giving the media emphasis of a possible resignation with respect to the above was suppressed.

This, although the requirement of the political shop was based on the option that the President of the Republic must remove from the CDE, prior approval of the Senate.

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