Increase to 301 that affected by poisoning

A new warning for a so-called explosive device opened yesterday in the municipalities of Puchuncaví and Quintero. The Court of Guarantee of this last city had to be evacuated in the morning until the Gope arrived the Carabineros, without finding dangerous elements or volatile leaflets. However, the tension is still part of the environment, published in the edition of this Tuesday & # 39; La Tercera & # 39 ;.

The fourth Emergency Operating Committee (COE) did not change the yellow warning, which remained unchanged. The announcements about the management staff and the health workers were part of the conclusions of the day.

"To date, 301 have been drunk, two of which have been admitted to the hospital, but all are stable, the yellow alarm remains and we have quadrupled (up to 10) the number of environmental auditors, to identify the sources of contamination in the area. determine ", said the mayor, Jorge Martínez.

The Ministry of Health has led the Minister of Healthcare Networks, Luis Castillo, in charge of the sanitary operation, mainly aimed at reinforcing the shortcomings in the hospital de Quintero and to be able to take care of those affected. health in both municipalities.

In 24 hours we have had an advanced medical post for specialized medical care, which will have an extra treatment room, such as oxygen therapy for potential patients; we will also have paediatricians and bronchopulmonary doctors for the children ".

Meanwhile, the meeting was held at the Francisco Coloane City Hall, which ended in a new civic demonstration estimated at 1,500 people. For example, the parents of the schools said they did not agree with the measures and will not send their children to school. The establishments were available to provide food, but the help was nil.

"Children and parents have to leave our homes and deal with this nightmare, nobody says there will be no episodes anymore," said Sofía Bernal, lawyer at Puchuncaví.

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