Larraín asks to approve the tax reform, but Vidal informs him that the project is "stubborn"

One of the major projects that Sebastián Piñera wants to leave for this year is the tax reform, which is why they have sought support in all sectors to bring it to fruition.

That is why the Finance Minister Felipe Larraín, whenever he appears in public, asks for support, as happened during his participation in the national state program. TVN. In this case the holder of the portfolio asked that "this would be a defeat for Chile if this project is not approved", adding that it is a good time to consult on the defamation.

"It is one of the most pro-SME tax reforms in Chile, it is a project that will enable us to restore economic growth," he argued.

In the same program, however, a drawback was found: former spokesman Francisco Vidal, who told Larraín that the project will be the first major defeat of Larraín, because "it is unmanageable for us": "We proposed two objectives in the pre-legislative debate. that the collection was the same and the second objective that the compensation was progressive is to say that they pay more for those who have more and none of the conditions are met ".

Vidal assured that the project will be rejected by the opposition.

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