Lomas de La Dehesa Golf Club investigated for unloading material in the Mapocho River

A suspicious black strip on the Mapocho river He activated the warning of several passersby who were surprised at his presence. The macha stretched a few kilometers in the tributary.

With the passage of the hours it was revealed that the Las Lomas de La Dehesa Golf Club has emptied two tanks with water containing organic matter, whose function is to irrigate the premises and maintain the aesthetics.

On the basis of this information, the Seremi of the Metropolitan Region decided to take action and a summary against the above Club for unloading unauthorized material in the Mapocho River.

"The Health Seremi has taken samples of the water to determine a possible source of unhealthiness that would cause problems with bad smells and vectors such as flies and others," Seremi Rosa Oyarce said in a statement.

Las Lomas de La Dehesa Golf Club risks a fine of up to a thousand UTM, which translates into approximately $ 48 million.

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