Man dies from a shot in Santiago Centro

An unknown man shot four times a man in Santiago Centro on Friday night, caused his death .

The victim, identified as Mahesh Kumar 44 years old, Hindu with Chilean nationality, received the impact of the bullet in the thorax and died at the junction of Avenida España with Sazié.

The incident was recorded around 8:20 PM, When a person on a motorcycle reached the entrance of the building on the spot, he got out of the vehicle and, without striking his helmet, shot off the shots and then fled with his companion.

The captain Nicolás Donoso ] Detailed that "witnesses indicate that two persons on a motorcycle, one of them descends to the intersection of the Avenida España with Sazié and fires four shots at one person, and then flees . "

"In one of the cameras of this int One sees that a person falls off the engine, runs to and fires at this crossroads."

The Carabineros staff continues to provide more information on this sector to collect the incident and, according to the first record, ] s e closed a raid .

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