Man is kidnapped and gets brutal beating for millionaire debt in walnuts national

Six people were arrested by the La Calera investigative police, after kidnapping a 37-year-old man, to whom one brutal beating with strong elements, presumably for the maintenance of a millionaire debt.

The debt amounts to 2 million pesos and corresponds to the purchase of a few kilos nuts arrested to vendors for the crime of kidnapping.

The complaint reported that these six persons had violently entered the victim's home and he was transferred to a van to El Melón, in Nogales.

Instead, they hit him repeatedly with a stick and the back of an ax. They also threatened him with two alleged firearms and after a few hours he left him in freedom, in a rural area of ​​the municipality.

After the police analysis, the PDI identified the perpetrators of the crime and arrested the responsible persons, previous coordination with the tax cut.

The suspect They recognized the crime and declared that the victim would have stolen about 2 million pesos in walnuts. In the zeal two vehicles and weapons were seized with compressed air.

"It was a way of collecting revenge for one's own account, due to a commercial debt, of money in between," said the subprefect of La Calera's PDI, Juan Carlos Moreno.

The six defendants were left behind preventive detention during the 3 months of the investigation, while the affected person according to La Cuarta had to verify the injuries of the San Martín de Quillota hospital.

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