Minister of Health about "Castle case": "Here are two visions for a fact that is found" – national

Minister of Health about "Castle case & # 39 ;:" Here are two visions for a fact that is found "

Both Carmen Frei and the president of the DC reacted after the chapter of Reportajes 24 of this Thursday, in which we interviewed the most important witness in the investigation into the death of former president Frei Montalva. Tvn


After Reportajes 24 released the version of the former PDI detective, Nelson Jofré, about the death of former president Eduardo Frei Montalva, both from the former president's and from his party's, the Christian Democrats, did not hesitate to respond and condemned the role of the state secretary of health care networks interviewed, Luis Castillo

It should be remembered that the former head of state died 36 years ago after a long pain and under strange circumstances in the Santa María the Providencia clinic.

With regard to the new data passing through 24 hours central, the daughter of the deceased president, Carmen Frei, argues that "reaffirms what we have said with regard to all passive accomplices or has hidden that documentation that we have so often asked to clarify the question of my father's death as soon as possible."

Carmen Frei because of the proximity of her brother Eduardo to the government: