Piñera and Lagos are deducted from Act No: Vocera excuses him by saying that "he had a different activity"

President Sebastián Piñera will not attend a No event, organized by the Aylwin Foundation. Or at least indicated the government spokesperson, Cecilia Perez, who denied that the president's absence was due to another guest, former President Ricardo Lagos, who also resigned from the activity.

"We were not aware of this situation (the absence of Lagos), given that when we received the warm invitation, especially from the family of former President Aylwin, we excused us," he said.

"That same day, the president considered another activity, so everything that came after that was a controversy that could have been avoided," the Secretary of State said.

The Foundation announced that the President had expressed his willingness to participate in the activity, but would usher in an exhibition on the occasion of the centenary of President Patricio Aylwin's birthday in the national service of heritage and culture.

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