Piñera announces the establishment of a museum of democracy

President Sebastián Piñera approached the cabinet change in the program Central Table of 13, which was marked by the abrupt departure of Mauricio Rojas ] as Minister of Cultures, after his statements about the memory museum & # 39; a montage & # 39;

The president said that had not read the entire book in which Rojas established his position and clarified that the former head of culture did not warn him when he was appointed.

" I do not share the words of Rojas about the memory museum The position of my government in the field of human rights is that nothing justifies the abuses (…) His words were not meant to convey the feeling of the government, "he said.

And after establishing his position on this site that recalls the crimes in the dictatorship, Piñera announced the establishment of a new Museum of Democracy. [19119004] " We are going to make an announcement to make a Museum of Democracy because democracy is a value and we do not take it for granted," he said.

The head of state stated that this new estacio will be located in the National History Museum . "We want to expand that museum, where we want to set up a museum that tells the story of democracy in Chile", he said and remarked that the historic moment that needs to be addressed " from the origins of democracy is ". ] (function (d, s, id) {
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