Piñera for students: "Foolish words, deaf ears"

the President Sebastián Piñera had a bumpy visit to the Central House of the University of Chilewhere it was "established" by a group of students.

The situation occurred during the ceremony in which Ennio Vivaldi started a new period as rector of the house of studies, appointment in which Former president Michelle Bachelet also participated.

Piñera began his speech when a student, dressed in a wig and a clown's nose, interrupted him to express his dissatisfaction with the position of the government at the Young Labor Statute, which is mentioned "McDonald & # 39; s Law".

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The president tried several times to silence the student: "I knew we had a surprise … Thank you very much, we listened carefully".

Piñera was ready, uncomfortable, pointing: "Foolish words, deaf ears".

However, the head of state was invited to a cocktail party in the house of studies, he retired quickly because a group of students were waiting outside the classroom where the activity was carried out, and they manifested when he went to his vehicle.

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The situation took place during the ceremony in which Ennio Vivaldi started a new period as rector of the University of Chile. (Photo: ATON)

In the activity also participated in the former president Michelle Bachelet, who did not want to issue a statement. Piñera alluded to her twice in her speech, as "President with a mandate fulfilled."

Students hung the clown dress of prime minister

Also as a manifestation against the Young Labor Charter, in the Labor Directorate, meanwhile, a group of students He hung a cloth on which the Minister of Labor, Nicolás Monckeberg, disguised as a clown appears.

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