Popular pharmacies gain new ground: they are included in the Minsal price comparison tool – national

Popular pharmacies are gaining new ground: they are included in the Minsal price comparator

Almost three years after its appearance on the market of popular pharmacies, they will be listed for the first time in the price comparator of the Ministry of Health. What is the benefit and since when are they online?

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Next Thursday, the association that brings together popular pharmacies signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health to appear on the online price comparison platform from next week.

Sergio Muñoz, a resident of Recoleta, gives us a brief example of how this tool can benefit the population: the drug Ebixain large pharmacies this costs $ 68 thousand, while in the popular pharmacy it costs $ 10,000.

Another example is Quetiapine, which in Farmacias Ahumada under the name Quetium exceeds $ 15 thousand. In Cruz Verde (Quetiazic) it costs $ 15,630, while in the popular pharmacy it is $ 860.

On the platform of the Ministry of Health you can view the price of medicines online. Until now, however, popular pharmacies were not included in this search engine.

"Through more transparency and more symmetry in information, people have more background information to decide"said Minister of Health Emilio Santelices.


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