Premature baby is hospitalized by Maipú: Haitian parents did not understand the order to evacuate

A premature baby had to be urgently transferred to the El Carmen hospital in Maipú breathe in the smoke that the big fire affected the church.

According to information from AhoraNoticias, the situation happened because the parents of the minor, Haitian citizens, They did not understand that they had to evacuate the area because no member of the group speaks Spanish.

A neighbor was the one who noticed that the baby had no consciousness. At that moment, Dr. Ramiro Zepeda, a doctor from the University of Chile, interviewed by Mucho Gusto, when he was intercepted by the family to ask for help.

There the doctor established that the minor presented a picture hypotonia, loss of consciousness and "serious problems" because what I breathed "did not have oxygen".

Zepeda, together with the mother of the minor and her neighbor, urgently moved her to the children's ward of the health center, where she was quickly admitted to the hospital. The doctor also noted that the woman was afraid to bring her daughter to a doctor because she had no RUT and was afraid that the authorities could take the girl away.

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