Quintero: Yellow alarm raised against "drastic" drop of drunk

the Regional Emergency Operating Committee (COE) decided to increase the yellow warning in the municipalities Quintero and Puchuncaví and CV lessons on Tuesday 4, according to the Mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Martínez.

the decision was based on the drastic reduction of patients with symptoms of intoxication for more than four days and on continuous and consistent measurements of air quality without the presence of contaminants for health, for the same period.

Martinez said that lessons will be resumed on Tuesday 4 because they will be used on Sundays and Mondays to clean up educational institutions, which will be implemented through the processes established for these situations and which will have the advice of specialists in prevention risk & # 39; s.

"On Monday, we will meet teachers to explain the process and the preventive measures, because preparing students for restraint is a very important task, "said the mayor.

He also said that the COE will still be compiled before it is necessary and that the vigilance of the environment with the same intensity and rigor will continue to follow the companies in the sector.

In the same way, to continue daily monitoring of air quality in the schools of both municipalities, which is regularly reported to the COE and the community.

"We will also continue with the community meetings in Quintero and Puchuncaví, both to inform people and to gather their opinions and suggestions, and to promote the measures proposed by President Sebastián Piñera," emphasized Martinez.

The authority specified that the Advanced position of medical specialists (PAME), which is installed next to the Quintero hospital, will start attending public from this Monday and that at that location the patients who came in to consult during the period of the emergency can follow up their affairs.

"It will also be available to the general population because there will be a pediatric neurologist, a pediatrician and two internists who can be consulted for whatever reason, not necessarily related to this episode," he said.

He added that during this weekend the Health Seremi has started an operation to inform people about the operation of this system and that at the same time given a toxicologist training for the staff of the hospital de Quintero.

"We have taken all measures to protect the well-being of the residents of our municipalities, so that the children and the inhabitants of Quintero and Puchuncaví can resume their activities with normality and tranquility, without risk to their health, as our first step was given by President Piñera, "the mayor emphasized.

Also informed that the State Secretary for the Environment will hold meetings in the coming week with the councils for environmental and social recovery of Quintero and Puchuncaví and with social organizations in coordination with the respective mayors, to tackle the remediation plan of the area. .

"It is President Piñera's duty to speed up the plan, to get the community to participate and to have it ready by 31 December of this year," he added.

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