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The inspector Jorge Bermúdez would have applied for the resignation of the subcontractor Dorothy Pérez on Monday, August 20, after he had informed her of her quotation as a witness in the investigation into the fraud in Carabineros. The lawyer refused Bermudez's request and said that her removal can only be decided by the President of the Republic.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 15:56 hours

Dorothy Perez

The situation within the supervisory bodies was announced by La Tercera. The inspector asked the subcontractor, Dorothy Perez, to leave the institution after he knew that the claimant Eugenio Campos decided to quote her as a witness in the context of the fraud investigation in Carabineros. However, the civilian employee refused to offer his resignation and announced by electronic mail that he would have to dismiss the president of the republic to dismiss his duties.

Dorothy Perez is a lawyer from the University of Chile and has been a member of the institution since 2004. In the years 2010 to 2014 she served as deputy head of the administrative control department and this department is responsible for taking the summaries of civil servants. that current irregular behavior within the Comptrollers Office. In this sense, Perez was responsible for the investigation of officials Juan Munieres and Carlos Moreno, who were indicted and formalized by the fraud in Carabineros because they had received money from police officers to omit the irregular situations discovered within the uniformed institution.

According to information from Biobío Comptroller Bermúdez allegedly claims the loss of confidence in Dorothy Pérez to request the dismissal of the lawyer, but after the refusal of the latter the options of the controller have been submitted to the Supreme Court, because it is a trial against amovilidad ie a request for removal of the public official from its position.

In the inspection service the examination of the summary is still open for determining the responsibilities of more civil servants than those already removed from not detecting irregularities within the Carabineros, but the subcontractor would not be part of the investigation investigated, despite the fact that he was married to a senior official of that institution.

The declaration that the subcontractor must give to the Public Prosecutor Fields is scheduled for next week.

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