They describe irregular reporting of sexual abuse against former director of SOS Villages

Photography: Raphael Sierra P.

On August 14, the national director of the SOS Children's Villages, Alejandra Riveros, filed a complaint in the Regional parquet for sexual abuse against Raúl Céspedes, interim director of the office in Bío Bío.

The action was motivated by an anonymous call she received on August 1st. In it the person told him that he was a former resident of the village, who told him that in those years he saw how two of his friends were abused and that some even were a few Cespedes.

But the call was canceled, so the director asked if the call could be followed. After having contacted the complainant again, the complaint was filed on 10 August in the Regional office of Bío Bío and, moreover, what goes with the SENAME, since SOS Villages It is a collaborative body.

Cespedes was retired, but he had already been contacted for a while to be appointed as interim director. However, after the complaint was temporarily separated from its functions and then "Fired for business needs", because the person who will certainly assume that the program has been adopted.

"For us it was very impressive, he was in the meantime when we received this call and we have a protocol that it forces us to denounce all kinds of violations of rights, so even with a suspicion we have to condemn it. & # 39;

Riveros said he later personally met the complainant and then complained in the Office of Bío Bío.

Jorge Lavanderos, lawyer of the SOS Children's Villages, said the abuses would have taken place for teens between 14 and 18 years old"And we would be in the presence of facts of that nature, because the accused was in charge of a program for young people of that age".

the Céspedes lawyer, Enrique Hernández, He explained that "the complaint was so vague and inaccurate, and I asked him as a lawyer for the background of this case and he said no, because they had been sent to the prosecutor's office. The horror is that they sent a national statement to all officials with details about my client's situation. Now they spread a statement how my client does not know the facts? He does not know who the whistleblower is, he does not know the dates, the place, he knows nothing, but all his former colleagues know the details that I do not have. And that is serious, because in a state of the law the defendant has the constitutional guarantee to know what the accusation entails ".

Hernandez explained that his client was retired and that they had recruited him in 2017 to do the internship.

He added that they had already requested a copy of the research file from the public prosecutor's office, "because so far we defend ourselves blindly and this is neither fair nor just. "

At the workplace they filed a complaint yesterday for Céspedes to be immediately repaired, "as there is no reason to keep him separate from his duties."

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