Urrutia supports constitutional accusation of the Ministers of the Supreme Court

New support has raised the constitutional accusation to present a group of opposition MPs against Carlos Künsemüller, Hugo Dolmestch and Manuel Valderrama during this day, after the three members of the Supreme Court have granted a conditional release to six prisoners convicted of crimes against humanity.

The UDI deputy, Ignacio Urruria, was open to support the motion, saying that it is "an opportunity for us to take left judges once and for all", El Mercurio revealed.

"We must thank the left to present a constitutional accusation against three judges who have repeatedly failed against uniformed at retirement and skip all laws."

Thus Urrutia appointed the magistrates as responsible for ex-military prisoners in Punta Peuco, after which he said to vote in favor of the constitutional accusation.

The parliamentarian indicated that he had previously wanted an accusation for an alleged failure in his position, but that he had never counted on the signatures to achieve this.

The deputy also pointed out that, if the motion was finalized, they would prefer the possibility that President Piñera could appoint "judges who really comply with the laws".

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